Big Data – What the heck is it? (Dennis Perlot)

in SQL Server

Monday, June 17, 2013, 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

In this talk, Dennis will cover a number of topics related to Big Data. First we will look at just what is Big Data and the 3 V’s that define it. We will cover the technologies, Microsoft’s and others, in the space and dive into Hadoop (Map/Reduce) with a detailed example. The role of the data scientist and what make a good one will be also discussed. We will wrap up with a number of best practices for dealing with big data.

Speaker Bio:
Highly skilled IT Leader having significant experience and expertise delivering leading edge applications in a variety of business sectors. Industry recognized passion for innovation and entrepreneurial approaches to utilizing IT technologies to match business objectives. As a Technology Evangelist, supports the developer community through public speaking at “Code Camps” and similar events. Co-Founder Hartford SQL Server User Group, former member CT Dot NET Board of Directors, Founder of the New England Silverlight Guild. Strengths include: systems architecture, data warehousing, database design, database performance tuning, Agile methodologies.

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