Code Camp 4 (2010) Interviews

An interview with one of the attendees, Lalit Chhablani.

An interview with one of the organizers, Vik Karumbaiah.

An interview of co-chair Mark Freedman, by Vik Karumbaiah.

An interview of several volunteers, including Allison Junquera, James Simon, and Louis Edouard, and also appearing Leo Junquera and Richard Hale Shaw.

Some banter from the speaker lounge from Rachel Appel, John Zablocki, Steve Bohlen, and John Baird, and also apearing Dane Morgridge and Dan Buskirk.

An interview of Telerik’s Emily Parker. Telerik was a key sponsor for us again this year.

An interview of Telerik’s Philip Japikse, who presented four times, including a repeat performance of his SOLID session.

An interview with Richard Hale Shaw.

An interview of Minuteman Solutions’s Allison Junquera, who also helped sponsor the code camp, and paid for breakfast. Allison is also co-chair, Leo’s wife.

An interview with Leo Junquera, himself.

Some more interviews and banter with Microsoft’s Rachel Appel and Peter Laudati, as well as Telerik’s Philip Japikse.

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