Introducing SQL Server 2012 (Kevin S. Goff)

in SQL Server

Thursday, December 8, 2011, 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Presentation Material

Have you ever gotten whiplash as you twist your head in fifty directions, trying to research all the new features in a product? In this session, I’ll go through all the new features in SQL Server Denali. I won’t focus excessively on any one feature – instead, I’ll go through as many new features in SQL Server Denali as time permits.  Everything from new database management features like the new Column Store index, new T-SQL Language Features, new SSIS features, as well as new features in PowerPivot 2.0 and the new Business Intelligence Semantic Model.  I’ll also give a brief presentation on the new visualization features in Project Crescent.

Kevin S. Goff ( is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP, SQL Server/Business Intelligence Practice Manager for SetFocus LLC, author of 2 books, regular columnist for CoDe Magazine on .NET, SQL Server, and Business Intelligence topics, and a frequent  speaker at community events in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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